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Buy A Home

Want to start looking for a new home?When looking to buy, you need an adviser, not a salesperson. That's why I Buy Rochester will never "sell" you a home- we work with you, to guide you through the entire process.  Discover your options below.

Conventional Financing:
You can supply your own financing using traditional or conventional methods and we will be willing to sell the home to you.

Seller Carry Financing:
You can take advantage of our Owner Financing Program:
To qualify, you must provide approximately 10% for a down payment. Because resources are limited, however, we limit how long we carry the financing to up to two (2) years. At that point, you would need to provide a separate loan of your own. Under our Owner Financing Program, you will be the owner of your home from the very beginning, and can immediately take advantage of all the tax breaks provided by the IRS for homeowners.

Lease / Option:
You can take advantage of our Lease/ Option Program if you provide approximately 3% for down payment. Under the Lease/Option Program, you can lease the home for up to two years, and then refinance the home into your own name. We will let you know up-front what the exact purchase price for when you eventually purchase the property. Our Lease/Option Program is a financing method of home purchase that many people prefer, because of the flexibility it offers in helping them to finally achieve their dream of home ownership.

For those without any down payment, we provide the option to purchase a home on a rent-to-own basis. With this option, we will collect the first and last month’s rent payments, along with a security deposit, prior to move-in. We will then apply a portion of your monthly rent towards building a down payment for your future purchase. However, as there is no commitment from you to purchase, the future price of the home will be based upon the fair market value on the date that you are ready to purchase the home.