Private Capital Investors

We are professional buyers of distressed properties throughout Rochester and Monroe County, New York. We specialize in single family homes and multi-family units which can be acquired at 65-70% of their current fair market value. Whether the goal is short-term gain or long term holds, our Joint-Venture Programs provide our investors with consistently solid returns while substantially minimizing risks.

3 Secure Joint-Venture Programs

Security Maximizer:
1 year term, 10% preferred return, 10% upside return, $25,000 - $70,900 requirement.

Security Optimizer:
1 year term, 12% preferred return, 15% upside return, $71,000 - $149,000 requirement.

Profit Maximizer:
No min term, 50% profit split, $150,000 requirement.

Specific Priorities

Three priorities that outline property acquisition and Joint-Venture Agreements:

Full Transparency: We disclose all comps, copies of contracts, and background information of all companies involved.
Controlling Risk: We pay cash for properties to eliminate any mortgage risk while selling quickly to cut out predications about appreciation. Where necessary, we focus on control of the property rather than ownership.
Buying Low-Cost Properties: We identify distressed properties through a variety of channels. We find deals through trustee sales, probate, "bird dogs", MLS, direct mail and other marketing channels. Buying low cost properties and properties where value can be added makes reselling easier, increasing turn-around times and profit margins.

Core Values

We take pride in how we operate our business and believe that a business is as only as strong as its core values. Here are our core values and what private investors can expect from us:

The Golden Rule: It's the simplest and most powerful principle in the world. Our code of conduct is to do unto others as we would have them do to us.

Commitment: We are committed to excellence and being the best Real Estate Investment Company that we can be. We don't compare ourselves to others, but to our own highest standards.

Attention to Detail: We realize that smalls holes can sink great ships. Exhaustive research, scrutinizing and planning goes into each investment and we constantly identify and address the details.

Immediate Follow Up: We are relentless about following up. We make it clear where we stand, what we are doing to move forward, and how we can best be of service to our clients.

Honesty: It's the best policy, and ours. We'll tell you the truth, even when it's most uncomfortable.

Service: The greatest of all human endeavor. We don't merely buy, fix and sell properties; we solve problems where real estate is part of the solution. We seek to serve our investors, sellers, buyers and partners in all that we do.


Through the ability to acquire low-cost properties, exhaustive research and our risk mitigation, we offer investors the opportunity to take advantage of one of the most stable and predictable real estate markets in the county. If you would like to learn more about our Joint-Venture Program, just send us an email or give us a call. We will arrange a presentation at your convenience to see if we would make a good partnership.


*** Disclaimer ***

This is neither an offer to sell securities nor an invitation for offers to purchase securities. Securities may only be sold under exemption from or registration under appropriate securities laws. No FDIC-insured products are being offered for sale. Any securities that I Buy Rochester may offer will only be offered for sale under a securities exemption or registration, and only one investor or private lender would be investing in a single property at a time, meaning that my company doesn't pool money or plan to pool money between two or more investors or private lenders. Please consult your own professional advisor(s) when considering or making any investment or private money loan. We are not financial planners, but a full-time buyer of single and multi-family investment properties throughout Monroe County and the surrounding areas.